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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Folded Paper Japanese Kimonos

This was the second project I did with my Grade 7's during our "Art of Japan" unit. They designed their own kimono using a version of a bookmark template found here on the Crayola website.

Kimonos are the beautiful traditional floor length robes worn mostly by Japanese women on special occasions. They are very expensive (often exceeding $10,000!) and beautifully patterned. I showed students examples of kimonos and then had them sketch ideas for a pattern in their sketchbooks.

Image Source

Image Source

Each student got a blank template (which I modified from the one on the Crayoyla site) showing a very basic kimono with the robe, body and Obi (the sash). 
There were lots of Obi-Wan Kenobi jokes during this demo...lol
I drew my own simple template and then photocopied it onto regular paper. When I do this project again, I would copy it onto cardstock, as the regular paper was too thin, really. 
I mean, it worked, but cardstock would be better (more sturdy).

Draw your design/pattern in pencil then colour in with colored pencils or markers or watercolours.
Students could do any type of pattern they wanted- not only traditional.
Here's a camouflage pattern below, for example.

Draw a little face.

Colouring with markers.....

Then cut all the pieces out...

The Crayola sheet shows how to fold it all together- I also walked around and helped the kids individually fold it. It's quite simple. Here they are lined up and chilling out against the whiteboard. If you have a laminator, I would laminate them to make perfect bookmarks (and to make them sturdier).

Ta da!



On display with their 'Cherry Blossom' paintings.


ГридинаТатьяна Теодоровна said...

Excellent work! Thank you!

Elle and Lou said...

Thank for the Chinese Art idea- I will look into it and show you what we end up doing. If only we were doing Japanese Art I could use these beautiful ideas.

Chesterbrook Academy Elementary said...

Beautiful colors and patterns.
I love the expression in the faces.

Miss said...

Thank you all! It's a fun and simple project that I think the kids enjoyed!

Unknown said...

What size paper did you use for kimono A3 or A4?
Many thanks

Miss said...

I enlarged the patterns onto 11 x 17 inch paper.

Melissa said...

Can you share a link to the template? I can't find it on the Crayola website. Thank you!

Miss said...

Melissa- I linked to it in the blog post but here it is:

pilipon said...

I love your work! 😻
I would like to know If you can share with me your template to do this artwork with my class?
thank you.

Miss said...

Pilipon: I just printed the Crayola template and whited out the pattern and enlarged it on the photocopier:

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