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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Kandinky Circles Wax Resist

I think every elementary Art teacher out there has done one version or another of Kandinsky's famous abstract piece "Squares with Concentric Circles".  This artwork is colourful, easily accessible to all students and a good introduction to abstract art. My version uses neon oil pastels and watercolour paint applied on top to create a wax-resist type artwork.

I first introduced my third graders to the work of Russian artist Wassily Kandinsky.
He is considered to be the founder of abstract art. He was very influenced by music and many of his famous paintings have names that relate to music such as "Improvisations", "Impressions", and "Compositions."
He also explored the psychological effects of color and made comparisons between painting and music. He became known as the founder of abstract art and his work was often controversial among art critics and even his friends.
Color Study: Squares with Concentric Circles, 1913

I had pre-photocopied sheets that had a grid already drawn on them just to save time.  Of course, you could also have students draw the grid themselves using a ruler. Then they used neon oil pastels (I LOVE the South Korean brand MUNGYO Gallery) to draw concentric circles within each square. 
Press hard and leave the background blank. 

Then, using watercolours, paint over each square- the oil pastels will resist the paint. Students may need to dab off any extra 'floating' paint, with a paper towel.  Let dry. 
I varnished these afterwards to make them nice and shiny.
Ta da!

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