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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Pop Art Snowflakes

I was originally inspired to make these from a post on the Artsonia website. 

I showed Grade 4 kids examples of Warhol's paintings, specifically his work that is gridded (the flowers, Marylin Monroe, Mickey Mouse, etc).

We took regular colored photocopy paper, chose 2 colours, 2 sheets each and cut them into a square shape.  This was the background.  We glued these onto a larger sheet of white paper.

For the snowflakes, simply trace a large circle, (use a lid or compass), cut it out, fold, fold, fold and cut shapes into it.  Unfold and voila!  Glue one each onto the colored squares with a gluestick. You could also make the snowflakes out of colored paper and glue them onto black paper or a contrasting colour.  I'm going to try that next.
Careful when gluing; they are delicate.

Ta da!

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