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Saturday, January 15, 2011

Mural Painting with Children

My first year teaching I started a Mural Club- our school grounds had three buildings/classrooms I was told I could paint on at will. Needless to say, painting with elementary aged children- with house paint- was an, er, experience. 

I learned alot that year:

1. House paint drips. Alot. Down children's arms when you're painting a vertical surface. 
It even gets into their hair.

2. Parents can be very forgiving and understanding if their kids are having a great time.

3. Vaseline (petroleum jelly) gets house paint off skin/hair.

4. I will never do a Mural Club with young students again!!!

Here are the results: Ta da!


Don't be fooled- this photo was taken the day after we finished painting...

Our Caribbean themed mural- an illustrated map of Hispaniola.

This was the athetics logo which we painted on the PE storage shed.

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