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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Painted Heart Weaving

This is a fun but time consuming lesson- great for Valentine's Day.
I was inspired by the super cool lesson found here on the
Los Cerros Middle School art page in California.

I showed samples of American Pop artist Jim Dine's Heart series for an art history tie-in.
Paint the same heart (draw one and then trace it onto another sheet of paper the same size) in contrasting colors on two sheets of paper. Then weave the two hearts together!

Sheet #1 (about 16x20")

Sheet #2- same hearts, contrasting colours

Woven together- ta da!

Here's another example (with glitter)

Fold one sheet in half and cut about 1" strips up to the top but not all the way through- leave a 1" space along the top. This is the 'warp'.

Cut the other sheet into 'weft' strips. Then weave them into the other sheet.
Glue the edges on the back so it's all secure.

Ta da!

this one used wavy scissors to cut her strips


Unknown said...

Hello. I am a pre service teacher and am currently enrolled in creative arts for elementary teachers. I was so happy to come across your work because it gave me inspiration and perspective on developing art that children will love while intergrating it into other subject areas. I absolutely love your blog, and it offers great ideas to use within the classroom. It is so great to learn from other people and share our thoughts and ideas. Once again thanks and keep up the great work.

Miss said...

Thanks so much for your comment, M Flanders :)

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