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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Ruscha-Style Ribbon Word Drawings

I love, love, LOVE the work of American artist Ed Ruscha.  His paintings are sublime and his word ribbon drawings are pure perfection and the perfect starting point for an observational drawing project.

Ed Ruscha, Quit, 1967 , Gunpowder and colored pencil on paper      Image Source

I used the fantastic lesson plan found here on the Incredible Art Department website.
Grade 10 students chose a word(s), in any language, and then constructed them out of strips of heavy white paper.

Then they hot glued them to a sheet of white paper.

Then we lit them with a lamp and the students drew them directly from observation. They had to include a tiny object that somehow subtly related to their chosen word(s).

Ta da!

The shadow figure was collaged on.


"Agape" is Greek for "love"





Mrs. Hahn said...

This is an amazing lesson!

Miss said...

Thanks Mrs. Hahn!

Nikki said...

Do you have a list of the words you used handy? I'm a first year art teacher and would love to follow your assignments. Also, any advise would be gratefully appreciated.

Miss said...

Hi Nikki,

Thanks for your comment.

As for the words, each student chose their own word- it was completely up to them and could be in any language.

The first year being a teacher is always the hardest but it definitely gets easier once you find your own 'voice' and teaching style.

My biggest advice for a new Art teacher would be to make sure you do each project before you teach it to a class- especially if you teach junior high or higher. Every lesson I've taught I've always created myself beforehand. It does take alot of time, but then I find out if I actually enjoy the project and can fix any pitfalls that occured and have tips I can pass along to my students. Also, obviously, you then have a sample to show and I find that's extremely helpful for visual students. (showing a sample is a contentious issue amongst Art teachers but I'm a big believer in it!)

Good luck!

Rina k6art.com said...

Hi Miss
This is a gorgeous project. The paper sculpture would be cool as signage. I definitely need to test it out. Thanks for posting.

Mrs. Hahn said...

I was so impressed by this project I brought it into my classroom. Thanks so much for the inspiration!


Miss said...

Thanks Mrs.Hahn! Your kids did a great job!

claudia said...


Anonymous said...

What a great project - can't wait to try it with my Grade 8 class!

Mrs. D said...

About how long did this lesson take your 10th graders start to finish including discussion around Ed Ruscha! Thank you

Miss said...

Hi Mrs. D- I'd guess about a month? I see them once a week for an 80 min period. Depending on the length of the word, though, some take longer or shorter.

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